Offering you only the best art products to enliven the textural sense in any of your venues! As the #1 sourcing agent in Bali, Sourcing Asia has committed to provide only the finest quality products in our catalogue. Various kinds of art have been stored in this collection – the beautiful intricated Wire Art Decoration and Lighting would give an exceptional look in your corner. Holding a very crucial potential to either make or break your interior decoration strategy, we have completed our collection with many kinds of fascinating Wall Decoration – carved panels and mirrors comes in washed color finishes that would become a perfect match for your minimalist décor. Wishing to create the fresh and calming ambience in your venue? You could definitely explore our inspiring natural paintings in Landscape, Animal, Fish, and Floral painting. All paintings are changeable in sizes and come with or without frames based on your preference. Wanting to give your own authentic touch on your product? We would love to work with you in realizing any idea you wish to be your exceptional painting and customizing any art products. Explore further for more amazing art in this collection. Happy sourcing!

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