Furniture - Outdoor Wooden

We have chosen teak wood for every outdoor wooden furniture we provide in this catalogue. Best known as the king of durable woods, teak has a high natural oil content and silica which gives it serious tensile strength. It has tight, dense grain which makes it have a natural weather resistance, even resistance to termites. As the #1 sourcing agent in Bali, Sourcing Asia has committed to provide only the finest quality product in our catalogue. Made of high quality teak wood, you can find various kinds of outdoor furniture like sun loungers, chairs, sofas, tables and coffee tables in this catalogue. Our excellent products are also completed with soft cushions for sofas and sun loungers for a much better experience in relaxing during your day. Explore more and choose your outdoor wooden furniture with us! Having your own preference in designs and colours? We would be happy to hear any of your requests! Happy sourcing!.