Frequently Asked Questions

After an initial briefing on your needs, we will then prepare a comprehensive list of suppliers that we will transport you too around Bali. With our experience we know where are the best suppliers at the right prices. You can then choose the items you want, our team will collect the data and photograph and size everything so we can prepare a detailed listing for you and keep track of the volume of your order with our state of the art software that was designed specifically buy us for our industry. Once we are completed we will email you your orders and request a 50% deposit so that we can start production or hold items you have chosen from ready stock. Our team will then go to each supplier with detailed information on how you want your goods finished.Our Quality control staff usually do 2 visits to the suppliers to ensure all is going as planned and on time. Once the goods are ready we will then request the balance payment from you so we can arrange to have the goods collected by cargo and packed ready for loading into the container. On Packing day there is always a representative from our office there to ensure all goes smoothly.

Due to Covid tourist visas are temporarily suspended in Indonesia. So we cannot do shopping tours. We have now created our virtual shopping tour see our video on the home page. Where we can do a whats app video call with you at various suppliers to see the goods in the comfort of your home or office.

Many of our clients have never been to Bali so it’s no issue, with current technology we can do Teleconferences with you. Once you have briefed us on your needs we will then collate everything and send you through detail on each piece you are after.

Indonesian artisans are renowned for making high quality furniture and home wares. Our Quality control team are always checking your order and reporting back and sending you photos.

Usually once we have confirmed your order with you, a 40 foot container for example, will take approx 4-6 weeks to organise and then another 4 weeks to ship we usually say allow 10-12 weeks from start till you have the goods in your hands.

We cover everything to helping you make the decisions of what items you need, to making all the orders to suppliers and paying the deposits. We will source exactly what you need at the best prices. A full quality control service and then arranging pick up packing and loading of the container.

Although we prefer to send a minimum of a 20 Foot Container We can also work on specialised items that can be LCL shipped. With homewares and furniture some suppliers will impose a MOQ and we will advise you in a case by case situation.

All you need to do is find a good customs broker/agent at your end. The cargo companies’ this end that we work with will prepare all Fumigation docs, Bill of Lading, Export licences and commercial invoices and packing lists. Then they will courier them to your broker.

Savvy people who know that using a Sourcing Agent actually saves you time and money. Personal buyers, home renovators, Property Developers, Interior Designers, Wholesale companies, Retail Stores, Businesses, Hotels, Restaurants and villa owners.

We do all the payments on your behalf. At time of the order we require a 50% deposit and balance will be required before pickup from the supplier. Our personalised accounting system will provide you with a balance sheet of all your payments.

Packing and Shipping quotes are provided to you at the start a Separate pickup and packing and seafreight quote is always provided to you.

FCL or Full Container Load shipping is always the safest way to transport your goods. All items are Securely wrapped in cardboard sheet packing material more delicate items are boxed and then packed into wooden crates. We use Polystyrene sheets and foam where needed to ensure all travels well. Rarely will we have any issues with glass or Stone breaking. Also humidity desiccant’s are hung in the container to absorb as much moisture build up as possible during the journey.

We guarantee all goods until inside the container for damage before loading. However once the container has left the cargo companies hands they are not responsible for the goods handling any further. An all care no responsibility position is taken after this point. So if you prefer to take out additional insurance Cargo can assist with a policy for an additional 3% on the Value of goods for your peace of mind.

As you are purchasing in Indonesia and shipping to another country the goods do not have international warranty. If for whatever reason your item does become defective after it has arrived we will do our best to organise a replacement with the suppliers however reshipping will be at your cost. If you are based in Indonesia there usually is no issues with getting any item repaired locally.

Often we have clients who are wanting a customised piece and we have to discuss with our suppliers about producing special orders. Our in house design team can assist you with drawing up your concept in technical, 2D or 3D visuals using AutoCAD Sketch up, Vray and 3D Max software. Our Aim is to ensure we have all your solutions are handled in house.

For decades, interior stylists and designers, fashionistas and lovers of artisan skills have visited Indonesia (and in particular Bali) to gain inspiration and develop creative ideas.The Indonesian people are very gifted. They use skills passed down through generations to create some of the most beautiful textiles, handicrafts, artefacts, carvings and furniture. However, as with any International market, there’s good and bad suppliers.Suppliers who give you headaches - and others that help make things blissfully easy.Suppliers who are unpredictable – and suppliers who are consistently delightful to deal with.Suppliers that don’t care – and suppliers who care enormously.Sourcing Asia knows the difference – and that’s the difference we make.