Furniture - Outdoor Synthetic

Woven rattan style furniture is continuously growing in popularity all over the world. Many homeowners have chosen woven rattan style for their outdoor furniture. But why should we choose synthetic rattan rather than the natural one? While the natural rattan is vulnerable to the effects of moisture, the great advantage of synthetic woven rattan furniture is the fact that they are not susceptible to mould like the natural one. Additionally, it is very easy to clean synthetic furniture by just using warm water and washing up liquid. Knowing that synthetic material is the perfect choice for outdoor use, Sourcing Asia comes with our outdoor synthetic collection with woven rattan design. As the #1 sourcing agent in Bali, we are committed to provide only the finest quality product in our catalogue. You can find various kinds of outdoor furniture like sun loungers, chairs, sofas, tables and coffee tables in this catalogue. Our excellent products are made of synthetic woven rattan and completed with a soft cushion for sofas and sun loungers. You can explore more and choose your favourite synthetic outdoor furniture. Having your own preference in design and colour? We would be happy to hear any of your requests! Happy sourcing!.