Furniture - Mirrors

The fun fact about mirrors is that they can create the illusion of depth and space to make a small room feel bigger. A quick glance in the mirror can also reaffirm our sense of self to regulate emotions, even sync up with ourselves and others. In this catalogue, you will see bunches of our mirror collection with wooden frames. As the #1 sourcing agent in Bali, Sourcing Asia has committed to provide only the finest quality product on our catalogue. Crafted with wooden material, the beautiful carvings on their frames may create different effects on a room which can be very moody for the look of a space. We also have mirrors made of recycled drums for your authentic taste. Featured with various styles like oval, round, think edge, and many more, Sourcing Asia is trying to give a fresh touch to your room with our mirrors collection. Having your own preference in colour and material? We would be happy to hear any of your requests! Happy sourcing!.

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